5 Tips to Fall Festivaling in the Rockies

When the heck did this “End of August” thing happen?!

With this jarring change of season comes this world of mixed emotions. Threading the needle between “sad it’s over”, “ready for change”, and mostly (if you’re anything like us) excitement for the Jasper Folk Music Festival.

Regardless of how much you connect with the notion that summer is over – there is still lots of time to get outside and enjoy the warm(ish) weather. With Jasper Folk Music Festival just around the corner – here is 5 tips on how to best prepare for this Fall Festival in the Rockies.

1)   Layers

Shorts AND Thermals. September weather in the Rockies can be unpredictable, and can change in a hurry. Come prepared with layers to suit no matter what the whether is like this Early Fall.


2)   Reusable Water Bottle (and coffee/tea thermos)

A Music Festival in a National Park! How lucky are we!!? Keeping our footprint small in this beautiful part of the world is important to us, and bringing a reusable water bottle is a simple way to do your part. There will be a fill up stations in the festival grounds, so staying hydrated will be easy, cost effective, and earth-friendly! Win/win/win. Bonus points awarded to those who remember to pack a coffee/tea thermos for mornings in Jasper town. There are some incredible coffee shops in Jasper worth taking advantage of, but take-away cups are super hard on the planet.


3)   Lawn Chair

Get comfortable! Bring a lawn chair and/or a blanket to the festival to set up a little site of your own on the field. Putting a little distance between you and the ground will help to keep you warm, as well.


4)   Footwear

Blundstones AND Birkenstocks – similarly to the layers – you just never know what to expect weather wise, and the drop in temperature from day to night can be quite dramatic. Avoid cold toes by bring lots of footwear options. You wont regret it!


5)   Camera

Incredible music, and amazing views! Don’t forget a camera to capture this perfect combination of culture and community in this scenic Mountain National Park.


And there you have it! Five tips to packing for our favourite little Fall Festival in the Rockies. Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Jamie Robson