Jasper Folk Music Festival

For twenty years the town of Jasper hosted the bi-annual Jasper Heritage Folk Festival, and now we’re the next note on its evolutionary scale.

The Jasper Folk Music Festival is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Canadian Rocky Culture through roots, rhythm, folk and blues music. Our vision is all about local music partnerships and festivals.

In 2012, the JFMF did some soul searching and felt that the right time had come again. The right time to revive the beloved folk festival. With the popularity of musical meccas a stones throw east at Hinton’s WILD MOUNTAIN FESTIVAL and west at Dunster’s ROBSON VALLEY MUSIC FESTIVAL, we realized that Jasperites have a real desire for festivals that continues into September; often unsatisfied. To answer that call, we hosted the Jasper Folk Music Festival in September 2013. We feel that September is the most beautiful time to be in the Rockies and the perfect time to dust off our dancin’ shoes to enjoy some melodies in the late summer sun.

We have changed our focus from marquis presentations to spend our days focused on ever improving our festival. We do intend to continue to work in partnership with local venues so should you feel inspired to come play in our mountain town we may be able to help you get set in the right direction!

This town has a variety of venues to choose from, and the JFMF continually experiments with all of them. From Legions, to fire halls, restaurants to pubs, parks and back yards there’s something for every genre of folk ‘n blues musician to choose from. Ultimately showcasing this talent to the live music junkies of J-town on a regular basis is the goal, we are after all professionals.