2019 Line Up



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Fast Romantics have been blurring the lines between modern indie-rock and classic pop for some time, carving their own unique path into ears around the world. Led by singer-songwriter Matthew Angus, 

Fast Romantics have begun to earn a loyal following with their irresistible pop hooks, anthemic live shows, and Angus’ emotive and personal approach to lyricism, often infused with the political and social chaos of the times.

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They’ve been known to bring rainbows to our festival! We’re welcoming these guys back for their THIRD appearance at JFMF.

Toronto-based alt-rock outfit Birds of Bellwoods have wasted little time making an indelible mark on Canada’s musical landscape, having amassed an impressive pile of achievements and accolades in a few short years on the back of their boisterous blend of anthemic alternative, folk, and pop music.

Now signed with eOne Music Canada, Birds of Bellwoods released their highly anticipated debut LP, Victoria, in late 2018. The album invites listeners to join the band’s high-energy musical parade built on honest, emotive songwriting and laced with sweet, sticky hooks.

Much of the attention to come their way thus far has stemmed from the band’s energetic and engaging live performances.

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An alternative trio from Vernon, B.C. who continue to shake heads with their epic sounds and impressive songwriting chops. 

Unsatisfied to churn out simple three minute rock standards, they continue to challenge their craft by hiking to new songwriting heights and attacking each new live show with the relentless energy of a band on the verge.

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Mark Perry TRIO

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“A Mark Perry concert is like a Canadian road trip…
Perry is a master of writing songs that stick — paying tribute to unique characters and real events in rural Canada, and tapping into things that resonate with us all.  Joining Mark Perry will be Mark Thibeault and Ian Olmstead, a trio sure to soothe your musical soul.

New Jersey has Springsteen, New York has Billy Joel, northern BC has Mark Perry. These are the storytellers of their times and places,”  - music reviewer, Prince George Citizen

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Few Miles South

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Few Miles South is “making their way the only way they know how” with a slew of self-written, recorded and produced songs offering both old school nostalgia and a refreshing detour from today’s predictable pop country. Blues and southern rock influences can be heard throughout their songs as well as nods to icons like Hank Williams and The Allman Brothers.

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The Give ‘Em Hell Boys

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The beginnings were humble but for The Give ’Em Hell Boys, what started as a side project evolved
into a full fledged musical exploration of roots, country and rock music. 

Consistent gigs and a pickup truck full of songs in their repertoire kept this four piece band grooving and growing stronger in the Canadian music scene. Echoing the sentiments of their heroes, their brand of country is fused with attitude and high energy. 

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Jessica Heine

Jessica Heine is an Edmonton, Alberta, Canada based singer songwriter. A fine arts graduate with a BMus in vocal performance, although she revels in singing classical music, her passion is folk music and storytelling through song.

“Her songwriting defies categorization just as her voice defies assumption.” - Lionel Conant-Artistic Director of Fort St. James Cottonwood Music Festival

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Ol’ Savannah

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Ol’ Savannah are a Montreal-based folk/roots band founded by Speedy Johnson and Bartleby J. Budde. The two began writing songs together in 2009, influenced by blues artists, such as Mississippi Fred McDowell and John Hurt. Ol’ Savannah’s style has been compared to a mix of Tom Waits, Roscoe Holcomb, Muddy Waters, and The Pogues.

Cult MTL readers voted Ol’ Savannah into the “Best Country/Folk Act” category in the annual “Best of Montreal” survey. In 2018, the Ol’ Savannah Hobo EP was nominated for EP of the Year by GAMIQ, the independent music awards in Quebec, Canada.

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Residing from Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation, Matricia and Mackenzie are a dynamic due who's haunting melodies and stories will keep you entertained. Currently residing in both Jasper and Edmonton, Warrior Women offer drumming shows to those travelling all across the Globe.

If you are looking to be moved by the heart beat of mother earth, hear the stories of the land and listen to legends of the Cree people that will stay with you forever, the Warrior Women is the group for you.

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Kiki the Eco Elf


 "Kiki the Eco Elf" is a colourful, interactive children's entertainer with positive messages for children. Combining her experience as a touring musician and her passion for high energy performance, she entertains her audiences with dance party sing-a-longs, diverse cultural storytelling and musical games. 

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Hughmanzee is a band! They play sad pop music about ghosts and robots and their own semi-fictional deity "the Moonlord." Please love them.


Athabasca Barnburner


After capturing the true spirit of days gone by, in a mason jar. This 3 piece string-band is delivering its own brand of folk music down from the mountain (Canada). Inspiring music lovers of all ages to get up and dance. Breaking the molds of tradition. Blending old-time clawhammer banjo, fine whiskey vocal harmonies, enkindling melodies, and tireless rhythm. Singing songs of the bible, the bottle, and everything in between.

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Gui Benoit

A celebrated hometown hero, calling Gui Benoit a singer/songwriter doesn’t do it justice. Writing songs that feel as comforting as your favourite sweater, you’d swear you grew up with them from the first time you hear them. Gui’s natural stage presence, articulate lyrics and melodies pulled from the aether will have you dancing, and then humming them all night long.


Glen Gosney


Glen Gosney, from Hinton Alberta, has performed professionally in various groups throughout the years such as Atlas Shrug and Lonesome Dove. The allure of Jasper finally overpowered him and now he resides there, continuously writing and playing music for himself. He hopes to continue working on his craft and draw inspiration from this diverse yet tightly knit community nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains he knew as a child.



Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Sonia got her start singing in church as a shy 10 yr old. She credits the church organist and choir director, Marie Walsh, with being the first of many to push her to come out of her shell and find her voice. Guitar came much later, and only in the last 4 years has Sonia taken her playing to new levels in an effort to be a self-sustaining musician. Her sound has become broad mix of folk, soul, jazz and pop sounds, and she has no intention of boxing herself in anytime soon. Sonia's love of words, story and poetry are evident in her strong songwriting, and her intriguing melody lines give the songs shape.

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