The Survival Guide

Here is some information and the answers to a few very important questions...

SITE - We have moved! The Jasper Folk Music Festival is located in the lovely Commemoration Park, the site of the ol’ high school. The address is 300 Pyramid Lake Road, or in local speak, the park across from the Legion.

WRISTBANDS - When you enter the gate, you will receive either a weekend wristband or a daily wristband. All patrons must wear the wristband at all times, including children 12 and under, who are free but whom must be accompanied by a ticketed adult. Seniors 80 and older are also free!

WATER - Bring your water bottle. You can fill it up in The Activity Centre next door to the site.

ID - You need to provide at least one piece of ID if you wish to enter the Beer Gardens.

NO PUBLIC DRINKING - It is illegal to drink in public. Drinks can only be consumed in designated, licensed areas, such as the Beer Gardens.

SMOKING - In consideration of non-smokers, and to comply with provincial and municipal bylaws, smoking is permitted in the following area only: outside of the Beer Gardens, west side. Please pinch and pocket your butts or dispose of them in the sand cans. As we are still within the town site boundaries, the smoking of marijuana is not permitted.

SEATS - To avoid blocking the view of other patrons, only use seats with a maximum total seat height of 66 cm (26 inches), with a maximum seat leg height of no more than 20 cm (8 inches).

KEEP IT CLEAN - Dispose of recyclables and garbage in the appropriate cans, including cigarette butts.

FIRST AID - The First Aid tent is staffed with volunteer healthcare providers. The First Aid tent does not supply items such as sunscreen and insect repellent. The Seton-Jasper Healthcare Centre is 2 blocks away.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS - In the event of an emergency, designated emergency personnel will provide you with instruction. Please remain calm, gather your friends, family and belongings, and use an exit convenient to access your means of transport.

SUPPLIES TO REMEMBER - You could be at the festival for more than 8 hours, so you’ll need: a hat, sunscreen, water bottle, insect repellent, your medication, hand wipes, comfortable footwear, warm clothes for the evening and possibly rain gear.

SAFE SPACE - The Jasper Folk Music Festival is committed to being a safe place for people of all races, ages, genders & sexualities. If you or anyone you know is feeling unsafe or are being accosted by any festival-goers, please notify a volunteer and they will help you.

SOCIAL MEDIA - We would love to see your weekend in Jasper! Share your experience on social media by using #JFMF or #weloveJFMF